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About RateOurCourses

Our goal is to vastly improve the process of choosing courses at Amherst college. By providing honest, course specific, student-produced reviews, we believe we can make the often-stressful process of course selection become more transparent.

Scheduling is tough. We're here to change that.

There are hundreds of courses to choose from every semester, spanning 41 departments at the College. Until now, there hasn’t been a way for you to survey those courses with specific qualities in mind. RoC Amherst allows you to rank courses by how interesting, difficult, and work-intensive they are, as well as by the quality of the professor; all according to your peers.

Meet the Team

Lucas Sheiner

Lucas is a junior studying Economics and Political Science. He has broad interests that span politics, media, and technology - as well as the intersection between them.

Patrick Frenett

Patrick is a junior studying CS, Math, and Statistics. He has a passion for technology and his focus lies in deep image recognition and probabilistic learning theory. He is responsible for the entire RoC codebase.

Seumas Macneil

Seumas is a junior studying History and Political Science. His focus lies in analysing and improving technique in sports through an objective lense, using physics and data to inform his conclusions.

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